Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide in the Age of the Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak attacks us at the heart of our businesses
Switchbacks Podcast Season 1, Episode 1: Entrepreneurial Survival in the Age of Coronavirus

Cash is King

Scott Case, CEO of Upside, put together an Existential Business Threat Flowchart around this very thing we discuss in the SwitchBacks podcast.

Communication is Key

Nick Kennedy’s “Drive Through Communication Method”

Develop a Plan (30–60–90 days)

Follow this strategy to develop your 30,60, and 90 day plans during the age of corona.

Innovate and Lead

  1. Bring together key stake holders and decision makers who are going to lead this change.
  2. Set clear, concise and intentional set of plans on how to address this opportunity/challenge
  3. Execute…Track and Measure Change and Execute more.



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Trey Bowles

Trey Bowles

I like to start things. Currently working on The DEC, Dallas Innovation Alliance, Startup Champions Network and Mayor’s Star Council. @treybowles